Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snowboarding '08

Yeah, I got more pictures! Thanks Tanya :)

Yeah buddy...that's how i looked on the slopes ;)
Me and Jenna after the day...wet, tired and sore....
but totally worth it
The guy flying past me probably thought i was a loser
sitting there taking pictures of myself haha
Jenna handling it!
Snowboarding is my new favorite
thing to do!!!!!!
You should learn
This year's trip was a blast! Sorry I don't have more pictures of different people, but it's hard to hold your phone and take pictures with huge gloves on in the cold :) I will try and find more though. Anyway, everyone had a blast...a few people got hurt though. Chad ended up with a busted wrist, which will heal soon! Stephen ended up with a slight concussion, Robert a major headache and a few other people...but don't think snowboarding is completley dangerous lol it's really fun I promise. Thanks Jb & Gail for taking us!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So here are some recent pictures of life here in the Springs...I know they are random lol but they are all from my phone since my digital camera is broken so random is what you're getting :) I hope you like them...