Monday, October 22, 2007


We just got back from doing the Broken play in Cortez, CO last night. And a 12 hour drive and a day later we are all tired and feel like our heads are going to explode today, but the drive was worth it. We left extremely early Saturday morning and began our 6 hour trip. We made it in good time and arrived at the school at about 1PM. Then the setting up and practicing started, the play was at 7PM that night. After practicing we headed to prayer and then the play began. The auditorium was full, and at the end of the night 38 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ! Then the next morning ten people from the play showed up to Sunday morning service at Pastor Bland's church! After Sunday morning service we ate lunch, that's where most of the pictures are from (Thank you Mrs. Rosyln for letting me use some of them!) and the rest are from my phone on the van. So sorry there are no pics from the actual performance, like I said, my camera is broken :( But I made a way! And people were saved, so that's all that really matters! After lunch we started our other 6 hour trek, which actually turned into 7 1/2 hours...The snow was bad, the passes were extremely bad, so therefore the driving was slow. We were in Kenny's van, so thank you Kenny for driving so times...and not killing us :) Wolf Creek Pass was a breeze, but Levita pass really got us. We heard from the townspeople that there was a 50 car pile up! The pass was down hill most of the way on ice, we had three vans and a car and all of us were praying. My parents and a few others left before us and said that there were cars everywhere in the ditches, off the cliffs, I thank God so much that He kept us safe. So we are all back, alive and safe and excited to see the fruit that will come out of this trip. Thank you to Pastor Bland and Mrs. Robin for their kindness and hospitality and same to everyone in Cortez who helped us, you are a blessing!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

"What...are you kidding me?"

Nope, my camera really is broken :( So until I get it fixed you won't be seeing any new pics. I'm sorry, I'll try and take it in as soon as I can. I'm pretty sad, but I guess that's technology. So all of you know why I haven't updated, so you don't have to yell at me anymore! :)