Wednesday, September 26, 2007


How fun! :) Can you find Waldo?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Farewell Jason & Heidi...

Welcome JB & Gail! We had a wonderful service last Saturday complete with videos, speeches, brisket and yummy cake :) We are really going to miss Jason & Heidi. They have done so much for us and instilled so much in us. They have been a humongous blessing to our lives! Thank you for all you have done for us, the praying, the counseling, the tears, the fun, the late nights wishing we would shut up and fall asleep, the money, the beatings (haha jk) everything! We are going to take what you have given us and run with it! We'll be praying for you wherever you go and we are behind you 100 percent and more! Keep it real :) We love you!
We are excited for JB & Gail as they take over! Let's be behind them 100 percent and more like we have been. Remember to pray for them and be a help wherever we are needed. God is going to do great, great and mighty things!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Youth Rally

What can I say about the Youth Rally besides that it was FANTASTIC! We all had a blast at Elitches and at the Santistevan's church in Thorton, CO. We started the day off bright and early at VWO in Springs. We then packed into the vans and headed to ELITCHES, we met up with a few more teens from the other churches and then headed off in the park. The day was great, we went on ride after ride. Or some of us not so scared, went on ride after ride :) It was pretty hot, but it worked. The best ride that I went on was the Half-Pipe. The Tower of Doom was fun, but it only lasts like 2 seconds. So it wasn't enough. I think we should start a campaign for scarier and longer rides! Sooooo Elitches was a blast, we were all extremely tired afterwards, but that didn't stop us from hopping in the vans and heading to the Santistevan's church. We got there, prayed and then the concert started. A few visitors came out. The band was rocking out, and so was everyone else. It was loud and energetic, and everyone had a great time! A few people gave their testimony then we had altercall. A couple teens went down and prayed the sinner's prayer! Then we prayed for a teen from the Greeley church who was having some ear problems. After we prayed her ear started to feel better. After all the excitment of the concert we got more excited for the PIZZA! Which was great after a long, long day. So all in all the day was awesome! We got sick to our stomachs, lost our hearing, stuffed ourselves with pizza and then plopped in the vans and headed home :) Thanks Jason and Heidi, van drivers, Santistevan's and everyone else! It was great.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


JUMP, JUMP, JUMP for JESUS! GET UP, GET UP!That was the mood of the night this past Saturday. We had our yearly back 2 school concert in youth. All the rap bands joined together and gave us one awesome concert! Teen's were jumping and singing everywhere. Nate even showed us some of his breakdancing moves! Many teens showed up. Jordan, Daniel, EJ and Quincy gave their testimonies. They were all very powerful. The altercall came and a few teens went down to pray. I talked to one girl, and sad to say, she didn't want to go down, but I know a seed was planted. Many seeds were planted at the concert. So, praise God for that! This upcoming Saturday are Jason and Heidi's last youth service with us. We will be up in Denver, CO. at Elitches! Can't wait! But on behalf of everyone in youth, I just want to say to Jason and Heidi that we all love you so very much. You have done so many wonderful things in our youth group and in our lives. You challenge us to keep going and always press forward. I am so excited to see what God is going to do in your lives. Thank you for investing in us, it means the world to us! You don't even know. We love you and will miss you! We are excited to have JB and Gail as our new youth leaders. We're ready and excited for all that God is going to do!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Awesome Weather

I just thought people would like to see the pictures that I have of the crazy weather we had a few weeks ago...that lasted more than a few weeks. It was an awesome few weeks, and I know that Jenna will appreciate this post :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tag Team Preaching

This past Saturday we had a Holy Ghost filled youth service for sure! But first I have to tell you that at the beginning of service, during the song service, a few of us were a little discouraged at how the service started off and at how little of teens showed up. Everyone was trying their hardest to enter in and get past whatever it was that was holding us back. And it seemed that we weren't going to get past it, but then....the preaching started and it was all over for the devil right there! G.O. started the night off preaching out of 1 Kings 18 when Elijah the prophet called fire down from heaven in front of tons of people who mocked and didn't believe in God. He talked about standing up for God at school and wherever you go no matter what the cost and even in the midst of adversity. He was on fire! Calling sin, sin and letting us know that we need to stand up for God and quit compromising. After G.O, Andrew went up there and preached his heart out. He also read out 1 Kings 18, he talked about how much he wanted to see miracles, signs and wonders in our lives. He said if God could perform miracles for Elijah and all the other people in the Bible then why couldn't God do it for us right here and right now. He also talked about how the devil has planted a deep seed in our youth group and it's been there for so long, but it was time to break it! And in the middle of his preaching he asked who wanted to go witnessing after service and everyone raised their hands! After that Andrew was finished and Josh went up there. He continued in 1 Kings 18 and then pulled the alter call. Two teens went down there to get saved! Then Tyler got up there and pulled a second alter call for different things and more people went down, we sat there and laid a hold of God for a while and then we got up and sang a few songs and you could feel the presence of God. Everyone was fired up! After we prayed and dismissed we all decided we were going to Acacia Park at 8 at night to witness! We got there and about 20 teens came. We all spread out walking up and down the streets handing out tracks, telling people about Jesus and inviting people to church. We had a pretty good response, but there were the few who didn't want to hear it and started arguing with us! But beside all that two people were saved and many seeds were planted and that's all that matters. After our witnessing we headed over to Louie's and ate pizza and cheese bread until we were sick, not really but it was good. So I just want to say that God is good and through Him it is possible to break the devil's stronghold! And that we did, God is moving mightily and anyone who isn't on board I suggest you jump on the train before it passes you by. Because God is going to to the miraculous and we're ready for it!