Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The guns and gangsters are not real, so don't worry! This past Saturday we did the "BROKEN" play. It was an all day event, we left here at 8AM and got home at about 11PM. I went home at about 10, so I can't complain. There were two shows, one at 6:30 and the other at 8:30. You can imagine how tired everyone was, but it all paid off at the alter calls. Each alter call there were about 10 people that were saved! The first show about 150 showed up and the second show was a little more I think. The cast and everyone involved did an awesome job! This play is really powerful and touches all types of people. It has been a great success. If you haven't seen it you better find out when the next show is because you don't want to miss out again!
I would also like to say that this play was Eddie B.'s last time performing in it until he comes home from Iraq in one year. He left on Monday, so everyone please keep Eddie, his wife and kids in prayer. Thanks!
Happy Lain? :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Vacations all I've ever wanted....

Vacation of 2007 was wonderful! I hope the pics tell most of the story, because I don't have time to write a lot. But I do have time to write the basics! We left two days after camp and flew to Arizona. We got in at about 4PM Saturday went to dinner and went to bed. Sunday morning we went to Pastor Goulds church, we saw all the teens from camp and they gave their testimonies. It was a great service. Then we got on the road Sunday afternoon in our rental car to Sonora Mexico! It took about 3 hours. Crossed the border and everything! Arrived at our resort and had a blast for 3 and half days! We then left Mexico Wednesday morning and drove to San Diego, California, met up with the Holcombs for dinner and then headed to the hotel. We stayed in California for 3 days. In those three days we went to the beach, the zoo and a really lame water park. It was no where near Water World. We have it good here! But it was okay. We left San Diego Saturday and drove 6 hours back to AZ. LONG DRIVE....arrived in AZ at 3:30 met up with the Gregory's for dinner, then went to check out their new church. It is beautiful! It's nice and big, with two bathrooms and two water fountains! They have it decorated very, very nice. Then Sunday morning came, we went to church, an awesome service! The choir sang two wonderful songs. We went to lunch and then back to church. This was service was great, during song service Chase was sitting with me, and he was worshipping and praying so loud. He put everyone one of us to shame lol. Then at the end we prayed with two young teenage girls for salvation and prayed for the sick. Two people were healed of back problems and bones spurs. After service we went to the Gregory's and had the tradition, KFC. It was fun, even though I fell asleep at about 11PM :) Monday morning came and it was off to the airport. CHAOS...perfect word to sum up the airport part. Getting lost, bad weather, tons of people, 2 hour delay, weird people talking to us. It was crazy, but we made it home safe thank God. The first faces to greet us were Jess, P. Mohrmann, and Chris Williams. Thanks for picking us up Chris! And that is the end of a much needed, fun, exhausting, totally worth it vacation!