Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's almost here...

Camp is almost here everyone! And I just wanted to write a post to encourage everyone who is going to camp and for those who aren't going (meaning anyone who wants and needs God to move, especially parents of teens that are going) to pray, pray, pray. I have been to many camps over the years, and God has touched me at every one. It has never been a waste. But it is not all about camp, it's about the lives of those who go, and about what we do when we come back. Camp is what you make it out to be. If you go expecting things to stay the same, and expecting no one to change then it will be the same and no one will change. I personally cannot wait for camp this year. I am expecting God to move in a way that we have never seen, felt, or heard before. This past few months we truly have been seeing God's hand at work in the Springs church and all the fellowship churches. Because we have become desperate, but we need more, I need more! Revival is coming if it's not already here, and I praise God for it! When I pray I know that BY FAITH God is going to move. God has been speaking to me a lot about desperation lately. And how we need to be completely desperate for Him. I want to see so much more than ever before! The only way we are going to see it is if we pray. DON'T LIMIT GOD to what we can only see, God is bigger than camp, He is bigger than your circumstances. He can move in your life if you ask Him too. You can limit God by your doubt. In Psalms 78:19 the Israelites limited God by their doubt while they were in the desert and God became angry with them. He did all these miracles and still they doubted Him! I can't understand that. I for one do not want to doubt God this year. I do not want to see the same thing we have seen every year. I don't want it to be even close to before. I am writing this post to try and encourage all of you who read this to please pray with me. I hope that I'm not the only one who is desperate for God, and the only who is praying. I am more than ready for this, I have more faith than ever before. God isn't going to pass us by. Get on fire, cause I am!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

3 Months Later...

Sorry guys....It has been a long while. So I am going to try fit everything that has happened in the past 3 and half months in one post! Sorry I haven't updated, I have no excuse :) Just not motivated enough. Thanks to all the people who have posted comments, you guys are great! I'm the slacker! Love you all!

Spring Rally April '07

The ladies

Adam's Park Outreach May '07

We had an outreach at Adam's Park
and two teens were saved!

BROKEN May 2007

This was a powerful play!
Over 300 people were saved!!
The altars were packed! And
we are still seeing the fruit of it, praise God!

Graduation service May 2007

Congrats Grads of 2007!

Metcalfe Park Picnic

We had a day full of soccer, basketball, football, skateboarding and food! It was a blast!

Memorial Day '07

The party was at the Mohrmann's house. A day of nothing but soccer and homemade ice cream, which was extremely good!

Meadow's Park Outreach June'07

Last Saturday we had an outreach at Meadow's park and showed a movie. One teenage girl was saved!