Tuesday, April 10, 2007

CD Bashing and Easter of '07

This past Saturday we had a CD bashing service in youth. A few teens brought in their Cd's, one teen brought in over 20! We set the stage up, had some music going and then the smashing started. Cd's were flying everywhere the girls and the guys did it. We thought the guys were going to smash through the stage. But it was a good service, good to see all those secular Cd's getting smashed up like they should be in the first place!

We no doubt had a Colorado Easter this year, complete with freezing rain, wind and snow!!! Seriously, it's like the cold weather here never ends! It's nice one day and then blizzarding like today! The snow started last Friday and lasted until Sunday. We didn't see the sun for three days! Friday was the worst, on my way to Breakaway we were coming up Academy and it was nothing but ice, we were packed on this bridge that was frozen over, I was at a stand still and I still was sliding! I was freaking out because I was in my new car, and I did not want to get in a wreck! And there was this big Semi next to me, which made me freak out more, but my mom was there to calm me down. It took about 30 min to get to church, usually it takes 15. I was ready to stay the night at church! There were accidents all over the city, they had to close down Circle and some other major streets. But the scary thing was that 15 minutes before on that same part of Academy I was sliding on a car flew over the cliff and the lady died, and then someone else died on Circle. It was horrible, but thank God for his grace! So Monday until yesterday it has been sunny, until now. My mom just came back from King Soopers and she said their were ton's of people there stocking up for this storm!! It's like De ja vue from January, it should be spring! We should change the rally name to Winter Rally instead of spring! But on a lighter note :) Easter Sunday was great, as usual there were tons of people at church, the two time a year church goers you know. The choir did a few songs, Johnny Sanchez gave his testimony and P. Sanchez gave his also. Then Pastor preached, I'm not sure how many people were saved, but I know there were many. I wasn't in service, I'm sorry I don't have the full report for you :( But I know it was awesome! In Sunday school we had like 50 kids, that's just preschool through kindergarten. So Sunday school was a blast with all those sugar-filled kids! Easter was a good day, not just because of all the exciting things that happened, but that Jesus, rose from the dead, and defeated death, hell and the grave, because without that everything we do would be in vain.

Friday, April 06, 2007

God always answers prayer

"My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches and glory by Christ Jesus!", "Now unto God and our Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen." Philippians 4:19,20. I just want to say that God is a good God, and He hears the prayer of the righteous. Over the past few months I have been looking to buy a new car. I already had one, dear Biscuit, is his name. Biscuit has been so good to me over the year and a half that I've had him, he was my first car, you know how it is with first cars, you gotta love them. He was a complete blessing, even though we've had some interesting times together, I mean very interesting! Biscuit was having some problems and I couldn't drive him for a while, then we got him fixed. This past Wednesday after like 2 months of him working well, he died again!! And started doing the same thing it did before, I got fed up and two hours later we were down looking at a new car, and hour later bought the car, and now I'm riding in luxury. Lol according to me, I love my new car, it is beautiful! Biscuit was an '87 Honda Accord, now I have a '96 Honda Accord, candy apple red :) God blessed me with this car, if I told you the whole story you'd be amazed. But that isn't the end, the same Wednesday we had a buyer for Biscuit (he was working). So I bought a new car and got a buyer for my old car all in one day! It wasn't by the people I knew, or how much money I had, it was by God's favor and that alone. I have been praying and praying and God answered my prayer, right on time. He is always right on time, it may not be when you want it to come, but He's always right on time. "As for God, His way is perfect." Psalms 18:30. I just wanted to share with everyone my testimony and remind them that God STILL answers prayer!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

REVIVAL in the fullest

Last Saturday we had an outreach to the Rada's new church in Cheyenne, Wyoming. They had 68 people! And 8 packed vans! I wasn't able to go, but from the report I heard they passed out 3,000 flyer's! They crammed 68 people, plus their family into their one level house! I heard it was freezing and windy, but still a great outreach. Can't wait to hear the report of their Sunday morning service!