Thursday, March 29, 2007

BAND WARS (Brace yourself for tons of pictures)

This month we had our yearly
"Band Wars". We had a whopping 183 people, 97 visitors and 8 people saved! The place was packed, people were sitting on the floor, sitting in chairs and standing in the back. Jason started the night off with his trombone, or whatever he played. I'm not musically knowledgeable when it comes to instruments, except for the basics, sorry Jason! Then after Jason we had 23 different bands! Tyler sang "The Big Thr3e" theme song with his acoustic guitar, we had violins, violas, rock bands, rap bands, some teens pulled out a stomp, and many more! But the winner of the night wasn't even a band! Tim Watkins came out in a banana costume dancing wildly to some song that said, "peanut butter jelly and a baseball bat!" OVER AND OVER again. He through mini light up maracas into the audience, everyone was laughing, and then Joel came out and beat him with a yellow baseball bat! It was crazy. He won a 13 inch T.V. that probably doesn't even work lol, and the runners up which were the Pueblo band and Josh, Justin, Jennifer and G.O.'s band won prizes from Chick-fil-a. We are so excited to see that so many new people came out, and even more excited for the people who answered the altar call! Praise God for revival! After youth like 25 people went to Red Robin and probably caused the waitresses major stress because there were so many of us, but we did tip! The night was great, I can't wait to see that many people in youth every Saturday, but we have to keep praying!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How could you not want to get involved?!

God is doing great things! Miracles are happening left and right! We had another Baptismal service, more than 10 people were baptized. Brianna got baptized and gave a good testimony(sorry her pic is so blurry), Richard Whiting was baptized, Johnny Sanchez and many more. We are all so excited to see Johnny back, he is on fire for God! He gave his testimony in youth a few weeks ago, and it touched so many teens! Then last Wednesday youth took over the song service, with the musicians, the choir, the singers and everything. The youth choir stood in the choir loft. It's a funny picture because we all look so small in the choir loft. But it went great! Then Chris Kelly preached an awesome message! You could feel the spirit of God moving, it was a great service! Also, Sunday School has been going great! I don't have any pictures, which I will take some later, but I don't write about Sunday School too much, so I thought I would fill you in. We completely changed the entire curriculum, now everyone is involved. We are always on stage telling a story, taking an offering or playing some wild game. No one is ever just sitting down, everyone is active. Corey and Dana are doing an excellent job! Something great and different is happening here at church and in the city! Outreaches lately have been so exciting, we are always running into people who are open to the gospel, or the crazies who don't want to hear it, or want to argue. I always look forward to Saturday morning outreach, it's always a challenge and always fun! Never dull! For those who go the Springs church here, I've got to tell you, you are missing out!! Well there's a C Springs update somewhat! And the pic with Jenna and Nicole is for our international friends Jess and Lain and their families. I knew you'd wanna see her new hair do!