Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Teens taking over Baptismal!

On 11th we had 8 teens get baptized!!! It was so encouraging to see all those teens get up there, share their testimony and get baptized. They all did a great job! They come to every service and are getting involved, thought everyone who has been praying for the teens and the church would like to see the fruit of their prayers :)

Winter Weekend

Winter Weekend started Saturday morn as the VWO teens, Pueblo teens, and Las Animas teens met at church at 9AM and got into the vans and headed up to Casa Bonita of Denver. The ride up there was an adventure indeed, from car accidents causing major traffic, to dirty van windshields with no wiper fluid, to windshield wipers flying off our van while we were on the highway! To stopping at two gas stations to get it together! It was fun :) The Greeley teens met us there. We stood in line for a while ordered our food and then sat down to eat. After we ate most of the teens went to the haunted house, or the arcade, or watched the guy dive into the water over and over again LOL. Tim Watkins thought it would be funny to hide in the haunted house with his ugly monkey mask on and freak people out, which he succeeded in scaring everyone. If you look closely at the group picture he has it on. We left Casa Bonita at 3 in think and got to church at 4, we started service at about 4:15. The song service was good, the overhead went out before service so we had no words, but it was still great! Jason preached a good message on "Change", he used the verse 2 Corinthians 5:17. The service was really good, a lot of teens went down to the altar to get saved, or just pray. The night was done early at like 5:30, everyone headed home to prepare for service the next morning and then SNOWBOARDING! :)

Now snowboarding was fantastic! Sunday night the guys spent the night at church, and the ladies stayed at Jason and Heidi's house. We woke up, at 4AM, well most of us woke up, while others were awake all night! And got to church at 5 AM and prayed until 5:30. We all packed into the vans and headed up to Monarch. My van was the best! Our driver was Ray Purvis, that says it all, he is a blast. After 3 short hours we arrived at our destination. The weather was overcast and the snow was falling, everyone got their gear on full of anticipation, and we headed up the hills. People were on the bunny hill, and the big hills. There were some major wipeouts, I didn't have as many as last year LOL, because I had great teachers! I actually learned how to go fast and stop, instead of just falling and flying down the hill before I take out the people in front of me! :) So I had a blast this year. Lunch time came around and everyone went in the vans to eat, then after lunch we headed up again. Some of the wipeouts included Stephen hitting a jump and breaking his board, then EJ broke his arm, and he didn't even know until we got back that night! Yeah, I said THAT NIGHT! At 8 o' clock! I don't know how he couldn't of known his arm was broken! Anyway, at 4PM we got in the vans and headed back, this time the ride was LONG as I'll get out! Everyone was tired, and broken into a thousand pieces. I became extremely sick after the first hour and I thought I was going to die! I had a fever of 100! But I survived, we stopped at McDy's and Taco Bell on the way back. Then we got to church at 8PM and went home to crash. It was a blast, everyone got sick though LOL, but it was all worth it.

Friday, February 09, 2007

That's what friends are for.. You gotta love em!!!

God is moving!

Last Saturday we had an awesome concert in youth! The Brotherhood and Exodus performed. They were 80 teens there! Lots of new people and new converts bringing their friends! The bands did an awesome job, Mr.Rudy gave his testimony, then Jason pulled the altar call. About 7 or 8 teens went down to get saved! Praise God! This Saturday we will be showing the final movie to "The Big Three" movie series, "Image of the Beast". The first two movies we had a good crowd, and people were saved, and they still come! So tomorrow we pray that it will be even better! I am so excited for what God is doing, these teens are on fire! Please be in prayer for us! Thanks :)