Friday, January 19, 2007

Night at the Premiere!

Here are the pics from our wonderful night in honor of Lain leaving. I know I took forever, but here they are finally! Lain had the idea of dressing up in our prom dresses and going out to dinner before she left. Thursday night, January 11th, we all met at the Jones' house and got all dolled up for a great night! Everyone was absolutley gorgeous! We took pics at the house, then piled into a van and headed over to TGIF. We ate some great food, and had a blast with people looking at us like we were crazy, we even got to witness! We stayed there for a very long time, and had too much fun! Well not really! Then P. Paul and Mrs. Emily picked us up and we headed back to church at about 10 at night! It was foggy and snowy and freezing! But it was GREAT! Well hope that sums it up, sort of! Thanks to P. Paul and Emily for putting up with us, and P. Jones and Marie for letting us dirty their house :) And last but not least....thanks to Lain, for being the greatest friend any of us girls could have! We love you so much! Thanks for the great idea!!!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Years Day Sledding!

New Years Day a few of the youth met up at cottonwood park to hit the hills! We stayed at the park for a while, but the hills there weren't that great, so we decided to move up the street to a BIGGER and BETTER hill. I emphasize BIG! Some people were a little afraid to go down the hill at first, but we went anyway and it was a blast! The walk up wasn't too fun though, we would take breaks every 5 steps practically! Maybe we are just out of shape...but i'll just go with it was a very steep hill! The guys were snowboarding and sledding off their man made ramp, which was cool. There were some crazy wipeouts though! Poor Stephen rolled about 7 times down the hill, he couldn't stop! Then us girls, were all over the place on that hill! It was fun, only a few of the girls actually sledded though. We had wipeouts too, they were so much fun! Lol We stayed from 11 to 1:30 i think. It wasn't too cold, unless you sat around and didn't move, then it was cold. But we all had fun, I loved it! Can't wait to do it again!