Thursday, December 27, 2007

Here comes the New Year!

Christmas came and Christmas went...I hope it was the very best for everyone! It was for me :) So here comes 2008, can't wait!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Turkey, Turkey.....and more turkey?!?

We had an awesome Thanksgiving here in the C Springs! Breakaway put on our yearly Thanksgiving dinner and 400 people came out and many went to the altar to give their lives to Jesus! There was tons of food, and tons of people! Be on the look out for posts about the Christmas holiday....we are working 24/7 for the Parade, for Scrooge and for the kids play! Can't wait!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I was thinking the other day about the Great Commission and how we are called to "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel" and how your testimony is your most powerful weapon. For the few years that I have been saved, I haven't shared my testimony with as many people as I should. But that's changed.

So here it is... I am 18 years old, soon to be 19. I have grown up in church my whole life. I have always known the truth because my pastor and the people in my life have always told it like it is and never watered it down. At a young age I had a sensitive heart for God, I had child-like faith and believed that anything was possible, and wasn't afraid of what people thought. Things started to change when I got older though. The devil had it out for me, and slowly I was introduced to things and people that I shouldn't of been introduced to. My life at home was good, really good, but a few traumatic things happened and continued on through the years. But it ended at an abrupt halt one day.

I remember leaving school early one day because my parents called me home. I knew that one of my relatives or someone had passed away, but I was in my own world and didn't really care. Little did I know what awaited me at home. It rocked my world. My older brother took his life at the age of 17. I was only 13 years old at the time. I thought I had problems then, but this changed everything. My heart was cold before, but after everything it became colder, I became hard and lifeless on the inside. I never showed emotion, never talked to anyone about anything. I can't even begin to explain everything that I felt, or everything that happened. I used to think that I was crazy, but it was the devil lying to me, trying to take me in. And he almost had me.

It took three years of confusion, constant fear and worry to come humbly on my knees before God. I remember the day I was saved, it was a Wednesday night at church. Not a special service, or a revival, just church. I remember thinking in that service that I was sick of myself, sick of my life and sick and tired of being so confused all the time. And I knew that I was headed for a devils hell if I didn't change, so I made up in my mind that I was getting saved when he pulled that alter call, and I did. I don't remember what I prayed or said, I didn't hear a chorus of angels shouting Hallelujah, I just remember thinking to myself, "your never going to be the same again". I was 16 years old.

And since then, I haven't been the same. I thank God so much for all that He has done for me and in me, word's can't explain. It still brings tears to my eyes to think of his unconditional love for me, and how He set me free from guilt of the past and fear of the future. I don't have to worry about what comes next because my life is in the hands of the Living God.

Jesus Christ is real. When you get saved, it's like God opens your eyes to everything around you. People can't tell me that there isn't a God, or that maybe there is, but He is not for everyone, it is just a religion. NO, if only you knew what He has done for me and so many lives around me, you would know that there is a God. That He is the Creator of the Universe, and that He sent His one and only Son, the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, to be a sacrifice for all of mankind. He took the consequence of our sins on His back, so we wouldn't have too. What a wonderful Savior.

You can have that peace today, you can have that joy and assurance of Eternal life. You can have the satisfaction in knowing that you are called to something great. You can have Jesus there for you, when no one else is and when no one understands, He will ALWAYS understand and love you unconditionally. All you have to do is ask Him into your heart to be your personal Lord and Savior. And let Him lead you all the days of your life. Salvation is not just for certain people, it is for everyone. You don't have to clean yourself up for Him to love you, come as you are. He will heal and restore everything that hurts and has been lost to you, that's one of his promises to us. Joel 2:25-26

My Savior, my hope, my life, my Jesus and my everything. That's what He is to me. Know you know why I call myself "Jesus Freak". I give all that I am to Him, because He gave everything for me. I WILL go to ends of the Earth to proclaim Jesus. This is my life, I AM A FANATIC.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Harvest Carnival


This year's Harvest Carnival was a complete success! We had hundreds of people come through, lot's of candy and crazy costumes. The "Hell House" was awesome, the line to get in didn't end until 10PM. At the end of the night 45 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ! All of our work, money and prayers were worth it. Everyone did an awesome job in the haunted house and the carnival, thanks for all your work! We were tired and wore out, but 45 people makes it all go away. I'm happy we did it, and I had a blast in the haunted house. (Sorry for the scary pics, but you had to see what everyone else saw)

Monday, October 22, 2007


We just got back from doing the Broken play in Cortez, CO last night. And a 12 hour drive and a day later we are all tired and feel like our heads are going to explode today, but the drive was worth it. We left extremely early Saturday morning and began our 6 hour trip. We made it in good time and arrived at the school at about 1PM. Then the setting up and practicing started, the play was at 7PM that night. After practicing we headed to prayer and then the play began. The auditorium was full, and at the end of the night 38 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ! Then the next morning ten people from the play showed up to Sunday morning service at Pastor Bland's church! After Sunday morning service we ate lunch, that's where most of the pictures are from (Thank you Mrs. Rosyln for letting me use some of them!) and the rest are from my phone on the van. So sorry there are no pics from the actual performance, like I said, my camera is broken :( But I made a way! And people were saved, so that's all that really matters! After lunch we started our other 6 hour trek, which actually turned into 7 1/2 hours...The snow was bad, the passes were extremely bad, so therefore the driving was slow. We were in Kenny's van, so thank you Kenny for driving so times...and not killing us :) Wolf Creek Pass was a breeze, but Levita pass really got us. We heard from the townspeople that there was a 50 car pile up! The pass was down hill most of the way on ice, we had three vans and a car and all of us were praying. My parents and a few others left before us and said that there were cars everywhere in the ditches, off the cliffs, I thank God so much that He kept us safe. So we are all back, alive and safe and excited to see the fruit that will come out of this trip. Thank you to Pastor Bland and Mrs. Robin for their kindness and hospitality and same to everyone in Cortez who helped us, you are a blessing!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

"What...are you kidding me?"

Nope, my camera really is broken :( So until I get it fixed you won't be seeing any new pics. I'm sorry, I'll try and take it in as soon as I can. I'm pretty sad, but I guess that's technology. So all of you know why I haven't updated, so you don't have to yell at me anymore! :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


How fun! :) Can you find Waldo?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Farewell Jason & Heidi...

Welcome JB & Gail! We had a wonderful service last Saturday complete with videos, speeches, brisket and yummy cake :) We are really going to miss Jason & Heidi. They have done so much for us and instilled so much in us. They have been a humongous blessing to our lives! Thank you for all you have done for us, the praying, the counseling, the tears, the fun, the late nights wishing we would shut up and fall asleep, the money, the beatings (haha jk) everything! We are going to take what you have given us and run with it! We'll be praying for you wherever you go and we are behind you 100 percent and more! Keep it real :) We love you!
We are excited for JB & Gail as they take over! Let's be behind them 100 percent and more like we have been. Remember to pray for them and be a help wherever we are needed. God is going to do great, great and mighty things!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Youth Rally

What can I say about the Youth Rally besides that it was FANTASTIC! We all had a blast at Elitches and at the Santistevan's church in Thorton, CO. We started the day off bright and early at VWO in Springs. We then packed into the vans and headed to ELITCHES, we met up with a few more teens from the other churches and then headed off in the park. The day was great, we went on ride after ride. Or some of us not so scared, went on ride after ride :) It was pretty hot, but it worked. The best ride that I went on was the Half-Pipe. The Tower of Doom was fun, but it only lasts like 2 seconds. So it wasn't enough. I think we should start a campaign for scarier and longer rides! Sooooo Elitches was a blast, we were all extremely tired afterwards, but that didn't stop us from hopping in the vans and heading to the Santistevan's church. We got there, prayed and then the concert started. A few visitors came out. The band was rocking out, and so was everyone else. It was loud and energetic, and everyone had a great time! A few people gave their testimony then we had altercall. A couple teens went down and prayed the sinner's prayer! Then we prayed for a teen from the Greeley church who was having some ear problems. After we prayed her ear started to feel better. After all the excitment of the concert we got more excited for the PIZZA! Which was great after a long, long day. So all in all the day was awesome! We got sick to our stomachs, lost our hearing, stuffed ourselves with pizza and then plopped in the vans and headed home :) Thanks Jason and Heidi, van drivers, Santistevan's and everyone else! It was great.