Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Here we are again...looking at the wacked out things my friend does. Haha I can't get over it! I think all these pics explain exactly how dear Kristin feels about Christmas! See that innocent face up there? SO NOT TRUE! Well here's the story, again...I made another Christmas background, all happy and nice. Then I come back from AZ and this is what has become of my poor Christmas tree...sniff, sniff...I'm wiping my tears right now :( jk. But, I'm on a mission to get her in the Christmas spirit! It doesn't have to be all out like Lain, and I! But just a little!!!!!! If anyone wants to help go for it!

Parent's Dinner

I'm so late on this post! These are pics of the Parents Dinner we had on the 11th. Yeah, I know...I'm about 3 weeks late! LOL Oh well, here it is now! Well the dinner was absolutley fantastic! Mostly all the teens and leaders were dressed up in some of their very best! So many parents and teens came out! The whole youth sanctuary was packed! The youth choir did some great songs! The band Da Brotherhood did a few songs, both did a tremendous job! Very powerful! Nate Jones gave his testimony. Then we ate, ate, ate! All the leaders did a great job on making the food! Thank you! I know this is short, but the dinner really was fun! It was so long ago that I can't remember details! This is what happens children when your being a slacker! Don't be a slacker! LOL Well hope you like the pics :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Hahaha! The truth once again

This post goes out to my good friend...Dear Kristin :) I know, I know I am always talking about her and her psychoness! Only because it's true!!! She's great though! I would just like to show everyone one more craziness thing that she has done. So here's the story...At work we always make different backgrounds for our computer desktops, and of course I am in the Christmas spirit! Wishing it would snow, so I make a background of a happy snowman :) Isn't it happy? Well the hater Kristin, Ms. Scrooge! Well not really, she's just not as happy as most of us are about this season! So I come to work this morning, all happy and ready for the day, and I sign in and guess what I see?!?!?!?!?!?! My poor snowman melting, by some psycho little cartoon kid! AHHH! It was so sad, she claims she had a moment of frustration about all of our happy Christmas spirit! Don't know about that excuse! Although it was still hilarious! I've been laughing all morning that she would even think of that! Haha Craziness is great! So this is a post about her, and her angry artwork! Haha Kristin I love it!

Friday, November 10, 2006

I was looking at my blog the other day and realized...I have no pics of my parents on here! Thats like a sin! So here they are, my wonderful parents and pics of the beautiful sky at my house and beautiful snow. The first snow of the season, Colorado is funny, one day it's hot, with an awesome sunset, and the next day it's snowing! It's great!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


What can I say about halloween, except that I hate it! Dumb devil! But it's always good at our church because people get saved! This year we had our annual Harvest Carnival. There were games, prizes, food and funny looking people all over :) I didn't get to see a lot of people in their costumes because I was in the haunted house...which is a totally different story! This year we took people through hell, much like every year lol. But we had a room where Collins and Jenna were shot, and big devils propelling through the air!! Two of the pics up there are of Kristin trying it out. Then the hell's a party room (which it wasn't a party!) Then we had the room where Kristin and I had our "tongues" cut off because we were supposed to be liars. It was really a cow tongue! And it was humongo!!!!! And GROSSO!!!!! It stunk and...just ewww. So we had to wipe fake blood all over our face after it was cut off, it was fun! We also had a hallway that they made, it was pitch black, you couldn't see anything in front of you! We had two off those hallways actually. The other one was called outer darkness where they had people screaming in rooms everywhere. And the whole time you were walking through the haunted house you had Joe Owens who was dressed up like a psycho! Chasing you around with a chainsaw!!!!!!!!!! It was great! So many teens and adults were scared! It was funny. The funniest people were Jerome and P.Dustin. P.Dustin was acting like he wasn't scared...but we all know he was! I saw you jump!! haha and Jerome...I don't wanna bust him out or anything, but all I can say is I have never heard that high of a pitch come from a guy before! hahahahaha! So after they went through the haunted house the guides led them into the prayer room and they had altar-call. So After all that craziness...there's more but that would take too long to write! About 300 people came through! And about 80 were saved!!! The fake blood and sore throats from so much screaming was totally worth it!!!!!!!! The Carnival started at 5:30 and was suppose to end at 8, but we didn't get out until like 9, because the line was so long! All in all...what a great night! Because at the end of the day, people were saved!! I would also like to point out to Jess Mohrmann...two posts in one day! WHAT NOW?!?!?!?!

Patterson's Church

Cute little Katie Bug! :)

Shyy's wanna be boyfriend! I mean boyfriends! haha Love ya Shyy!

Here I am, finally updating!!!! Took long enough Chantel!! lol Well on Oct 28th, Saturday night, we went to the Patterson's church for youth. We were there like an hour and a half before it actually started, because we thought it started at 6 but it started at 7 so we got there at 5:30...So everyone just sat around and talked or played pool, and video games or ate. Then we finally got started! Da Brotherhood started us out with like 6 songs, they did awesome! Then their drama team did a really powerful skit about a girl who died and went to hell. It was really good, scared everyone, which is good. And then we had some testimonies and then alter-call came around and three teens got saved!!! After that P.Patterson called for teens to come down who have a hard time with compromising and staying strong. Tons of teens went down and were prayed for. After it was over a bunch of us went outside and had the BEST snowball fight ever! It was soooooo fun but really cold...duh! Maybe we should dress for winter! We only live in Colorado! :D Then after that a bunch of us headed over to Wendy's to grub. And that was also fun...huh Kristin?!?!?! lol Well thats it! Sorry i take forever! Some of us have jobs to doooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jk