Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Aye! Matey!

Arrggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Monday (yesterday) we had a pirate scavenger hunt in drama! Everyone had to dress up their best like a pirate and then go around town to different peoples houses trying to bargain with them for some boody (that means treasure in pirate talk I guess :D) The point of the game was to get the most expensive treasure by the end of the game. We started off with a video about jobs and a little kids book. First we went to Mrs. Janine's house and bargained for a pic of baby Andre (which Josh kept telling everyone it was a pic of Bradngelina's baby to make it worth more money LOL) and a piece of chalk. Josh isn't a very good bargainer LOL. After the Pacheco's we went to Shervonn Johnson's house and somebody bargained for TOILET PAPER! They weren't very good bargainers either!! Then off to Chad and Marie's house! Which was very funny because they were shocked with us and Josh and Andrew sang some crazy loud song! We ended up with a hat and a picture frame, which is better than some TP! After the Purvis' it was to the Jones! P.Dustin and Rachelle, they had the best reaction. They were laughing and invited us in, and took a bunch of pics. We ended up with a HEATER! A nice one too, the best treasure we got so far. Then we left there and went to the Collins' house and my parents were there too. We bargained for a 13 INCH TV! And got it of course! Because we are good like that! :) Then we were done because we ended up with the most expensive treasure. We all got back into the van and had to figure out some riddle to see where we were off to next, and it ended up being Michelle's downtown. And of all days the Grises' were there! The whole family! They got to see us in our pirate get-up! They kept taking pics of us too, and Josh and Andrew sung their song for them. After all that excitement! We finally got our food! A humongeous FLAMING mountain of ice cream! Literally flaming, we got to blow it out like b-day cake! It was the best ice cream I've ever had, and there were seconds, thirds, and fourths! Then the night was ended and we all headed back to church to go home! Then at home I was messing with my dog and put this little turtle neck thing on him, it was really funny :) That explains the pic of him. The whole night was extremely fun! And that's that Jack!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The side you don't see.............

Alright Mrs.Janine,
this is Kristin's breakdown.
Do you see the tears in her eyes?!?!
Mixed with laughter?????

"Do you see the UFO Jenna???????"
"YA! I DO!!!!! It's humongoeus...whoa...."
"Do you see it Valerie???"
"What UFO????? I thought we were just taking a picture of my lovely face!"

HI YA!!!!!!!!
Back off with the camera!!!!!!!!
CHI WA!!!!!!!!!!
(yes...this is your daughter mrs.janine)
SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Conference ' 06 pics....CONTINUED!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Monday, October 16, 2006

"Burden For Souls" Conference 2006!

Where do I begin?!?!?! Well the week started off really good, we had Pastor Emil, from Slovakia, preach an extremely powerful message sunday morning, I wasn't in there because I had Sunday School, but from what everyone told me, it was awesome. Then Pastor Guittierrez (sp?) from Mexico, preached Sunday night on how we need to work for souls! It was really good. Then Monday night P.Jones preached, also another awesome message on "Ministry". Then Tuesday came, the beginning of the daytime services....I'm sad to say that I wasn't in any services in the day time, because I had to work...but it's all good, you do what you gotta do! But I heard that they were great. Tuesday night I was in Sonshine kids, that's why there is a lot of pics of little kids :)Then Wednesday I think I was in Sonshine kids again, so Thursday night was a good night. P. Alpha Lushima preached...in French! Jenna was very excited about that. He preached on "Vision." Where yours is at, and where it should be. Then Friday night P.Jones preached again on "Heavens Miracle's for Earth's Failure's", he preached out of Jeremiah 29:11....Yeah Jess!!!!!!!!!! Then after service they announced the families getting sent out! Chad & Marie Purvis, to Montrose, CO., Blaine & Angela Rada to Sierra Vista, AZ., J.B. & Gail Sanchez to Brighton, CO., and Kyle & Whitni Bland to Farmington, NM. As you can tell Friday night was an awesome service! The whole week was exciting!

Friday after church all the youth went to MR.BIGGS for bowling, until 1 in the morning! Yes, we go there a lot.....but it is always FANTASTIC! It was a blast of course! Then the rest of these pics are just random. Some are from saturday, a bunch of us GIRLS went to Skate City....Which I haven't been there since I was like 7.....It was pretty darn fun. There was this little boy named Ryan, "the birthday boy." LOL he was hilarious! We didn't even know him and he kept talking to me and Alainna, and he showed us his Superman costume he got for his b-day...He was every excited about it (his pic is up there with me and lain) And Alainna requested the chicken dance song from Jimmy Neutron...ahhh goodness...It was very interesting! After a BILLION hours of roller skating!!!! We went to Arby's!!!! Gotta love Arby's! It was good stuff after all that work! So that explains the pics of us in the bathroom and with food in our mouth. Then after Arby's we went to Jenna's house and SHE WAS LOCKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again! It never ends with her! So we sat in the car for a while...And Kristin had a MENTAL BREAKDOWN!!!!! I think she was sleep deprived or something but there's a pic of her breakdown up there LOL. After that we got bored and went to the park for a while to waste time and then we went back and decided to break in.....SSH!!! Don't tell Mrs. Janine! We got in though...with a screwdriver. Don't ask how, because I don't even know...Jenna is just skilled like that I guess :0)

Saturday night we had youth service and J.B. preached on how we need to step out, and not be influenced or get stuck in a rut. The service was really good, a lot of new teens were there and a couple of them got saved! Then after service we went to G.O.'s house for his b-day party and for Barbara's too. Big 18!!!! We had some good food! Me and Alainna decided to run around the block, well more like sprint around the block like a bunch of idiots! Because the next day at church....not good, not good at all! Your going to have to ask her about that if you want to know. But anyway there were tons of people there.....I felt bad for Mrs. Sharon :( sorry if we dirtied your house or kept you up too late!!!!! But it was still a blast, THANK YOU! Well I hope that sums up the whole week! Oh yes, I had to put all of the pics on a seperate post, I guess this one has to much stuff on it :(

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Well since the computer is against me......

Well since the computer is against me, it wouldn't let me put the rest of the Youth Rally pics up the other day! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! So I guess the dear old computer must like me today because it's working! HAHA! So here are the rest, sorry for the delay :)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Youth Rally

These are pics of the Youth Rally that we had on the 23rd. Bright and early Saturday morn we piled into a bunch of vans and went to Mr.Biggs!!!!!!!!! It was a blast, first we ate some pizza, ALL YOU CAN EAT!!!!! And then we went to the activities.....there were Go-Carts, Laser Tag, thses robot things...i don't remember what they were called but they were really fun...you had to try and kill the other peoples robots, and then they had mini-golf, a pool table, and a lot more. The go-carts were really fun, we kept getting introuble for bumping people and running them off the road, and the laser tag was GREAT we were against like 12 little kids...THEY WERE LIKE LITTLE MIDGETS EVERYWHERE! I'm happy to say though that we smoked em! I felt bad after because we overpowered them hahaha but it was still the bomb. Then after all the excitment at Mr.Biggs we went back to church at like 4 or somthing...can't really remember...but we had prayer and stuff and then the service! Which was very good, there were so many visitors that came with us to Mr.Biggs and then to youth which was awesome. The service was so powerful we had the youth choir sing two songs and then Jason preached a really good message, and everyone went to the altar for either salvation or deliverance from depression or jst for prayer. Many new teens went down and got saved, and i'm happy to say they still come!!!!!!! YAY! So the Youth Rally was soooooo good! It was great to have all the different churches come down, we had teens from both of the Pueblo churches, from La Junta, from Colorado Springs both churches and I think that's it. Thanks Jason and Heidi and everyone else who planned the Rally! We can't wait to do it again!!!!!