Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Back To School Concert 06'

Soooooo on September 23rd we had a concert in youth for people going back to school...HAHAHAHA! I'm done with school!!!!!! woo hoo! The cost was three dollars, unless you brought a friend and then it was some people got in free. B.A.S.I.C. did a few songs and so did Da Brotherhood, and then our youth choir sung for the first time....on short notice!!! But it was good. Then we had a drama and then we had the altercall and then lot's and lot's of PIZZA! There were a lot of visitors about 15 or 20....and about 10 went down and got saved! The altercall was really powerful...and some of the teens who went down and got saved have been coming and they came to the youth rally this past saturday which i will post about that anyways that is preety (HA BRIANNA) exciting they have been coming. Well thats the concert, it was great!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


These are just some random pics that I took. The two of David and Jenna outside are from Saturday, we had a clean up day in the back storage looks really good now. Mrs.Debbie and a whole bunch of people have been working on it for a while now. And we went and helped Saturday afternoon, cleaning and organizing and building a ton of stuff, like shelves and walls, it looks totally different.... So BIG PROPS to Mrs. Debbie!!!!!!! And the other ones are at church in sonshine kids, and then my puppy. soooooo YUP!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Friday, September 15, 2006

Sticks & Stones 06'

We recently have been doing a play called Sticks & Stones. It's about suicide (cutting) and family violence. These are pics of the play when we did it in Greeley on August 26th, I know they are kinda blurry....It's not my fault! Someone else took pics for me..cough Shyy...cough...It's all your fault! j/k So it went really good, we left the springs at about 10:30 and when we got there we went on outreach for about an hour. My group went to the college, there were lot's of people! 'Young adults' They were preety receptive though. Then after outreach we ate.....Greeley church makes the best food! And then prayer, and then our group called The Brotherhood (Jared, Stephen and Daniel) performed a couple songs, and did really good and then the play! Altercall came around and about 4 people went down and got saved. One guy who went down was the same guy that we talked to on outreach so we were preety excited. It was really good, we also did the play at camp, and next Friday we are doing it in Pueblo (P.Darrins church) then the Friday after that we are doing it in Breakaway!! Woo hoo! That will be exciting, Breakaway is good stuff. Well hope you like the blurry pics lol. Keep us in prayer!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Hahaha oops, I accidently posted my blog before I put pics can tell I'm new to this....well camp was soooo fun! We had a great time at our new camp..Horncreek. I liked it better than Quaker Ridge believe it or not....especially the chapel (ampatheater sp?) It was great though, God moved, and we had a blast, and the talent shows were hilarious. The gym was cool too..or whatever it was called. There was alot of new kids, like Nate, the one in blue that Victor and G.O. are holding up...he was funny (little hustler lol) It's okay.....Chris Kelley did an aweome job and so did the leaders and Jason and Heidi. The food was great too! They served us! We didn't even have to get up! Go Paulie (sorry jess lol) Chester!!!!!! and Ted! You guys rocked! The services were amazing, the last night lasted 3 hours! And the praise team did really good. And then we had a play called Sticks & Stones, it's about suicide and domestic violence, it which was powerful. A lot of teens got delivered from suicide, it was really good. There was a new feel at camp this year, a better feel. Well all in all camp was a blast! So here are the pics!!!!

lookie here!

Hello, everyone! Jess has inspired me to create a blog to show everyone what's been goin down here in the 719! So here it is! Nothing has been goin on latley, well there has been i just didn't take pictures! not smart :) So the most recent thing that i have pics of is camp, which was totally awesome! Well as soon as something else happens i'll make sure to take my camera and post it! So here you go Tub! :)