Monday, December 25, 2006


As most of you know we had a crazy snow storm the Wednesday before Christmas! All of us girls were stranded at the Mohrmann household all day and all night. We had a blast, we made 5 second snowangels (Jenna!) played games, ate food and sat around. All day we kept debating if we should go sledding or not, so we finally made a decision at like one! Lain, Nicole, Gabby, Emily and I went down the street to a park while everyone else stayed home and watched Lord of the Rings! So sledding....or Lord of the Rings.......where's the competition?!?!?!?! Lol Anyway we went sledding and it was a winter wonderland!! There was snow coming from every direction and some strong wind. And there were drifts that went up to our knees! Nikki and I jumped in one and got stuck! Alainna had to come rescue us! Little Emily was funny too, falling all over the place! We did some sledding/snowboarding down the hill a couple of times. And we attacked Emily and threw her down the hill a lot because she was making fun of us! That crazy little child! We were sledding for about two hours, everyone at home thought we wouldn't last 5 minutes! Suckers! It was the best!

"I'll Be Home for Christmas" 2006

"I'll Be Home for Christmas" was the name of our play this year. Yes, we had to put good ol' Scrooge to rest. We had a good, LONG run with him lol. This year's play was about the 1940's and the attack on Pearl Harbor that started World War II, and the golden days of radio. We did it three nights in a row, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night! Every night was packed with people, new and old, and every night the alters were packed! Being in the play was a complete blast! We got to dress up very fancy, and do our hair and makeup. I think we should bring the 40's style back! Does anyone agree?! Well hope the pics are good! Sorry so short!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas is here!!!!

Hahahaha I'm so excited for Christmas that I just had to post this Christmasy pics! The snow is here, the lights are here, my friends are back home! Everything is just great! Well I'll be posting soon about the "I'll Be Home For Christmas" play, so look forward to it! Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thanksgiving in AZ

Wowsers that was a lot of pics to put up! Sheesh! Now that Thanksgiving is over and done with, I finally decide post about it! Lol Well my trip to AZ was very fun! We were there for a week, counting 2 days of LONG, LONG travel! We got there Tuesday night, I met up with Lisa and Melody to eat at Don Juan's (such a funny name) and my parents met up with the Gregory's and probably played spade's until 2 in the morning! Like every night we were there! They are too wild for me! I was asleep by 11 0r 12 every night, us old people have to get out beauty sleep :) haha. Wednesday we just hung out and then went to church that night. Church was very good, they have about 35 people! Which was encouraging to see. Thursday was Thanksgiving of course! Good ol' Turkey day!!! The food was excellent! Especially eating with all the messy little kids! Gotta love it! At about 5pm Lisa and I went to the movies and saw Happy Feet. I do not recommend that movie for little kids!!! We were very disappointed! Then Friday(Black Friday, so they call it) for the first time in my life, we went shopping! It was true craziness! I was lost for about 20 minutes in JcPenny's! Note to self, never split up on black Friday in a mall you are not familiar with! Not smart! But we did get some awesome sales! It was tiring and chaotic, but still fun! That night, for dinner we went to the Gould's for some authentic...Mrs. Denise food! She had mexican food, chinese food, and american food! Very good! We also went to go and see their new church! It is very nice, they have two seperate buildings. One for the church and the other for nursery and fellowships. Saturday we went on outreach, and ran into some crazy folks! From drunk guys, and Muslims that sounded like they were from the Bronx, when they weren't, to funny little kids, it was a good outreach! Then Saturday night we went to the movies again and saw Flushed Away. Now I DO recommend that movie, it was cute. Finally Sunday came around, we had our last service, which was very good. We went out to eat at Claim Jumper's after service, with the Gregory's and Rick and April Webb's familia. Good times! Then we were off! To the extremely LLLLOOOONNNGGG drive! Going home seemed like a longer dive than going there. When we finally arrived in Pueblo, it was weird because the whole way home it was hot, and windy and then all the sudden we saw this big cloud, it looked like Colorado was bombed or something! We drove into it to find out it was only fog, but it was like a wall. When we went into the fog it was like frosty, and cold! So weird! Then it started snowing! Funny stuff. Well all in all the trip was great! The Gregory's are doing awesome! The kids are so funny, I love them! Chase and Caleb were the craziest ones! Then Chastity crossing her eyes the whole time, it's cute, and little Chris was funny as always! I had a blast! But I am so glad to be home in the snowy cold for Christmas! Gee, that was a lot to write!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Here we are again...looking at the wacked out things my friend does. Haha I can't get over it! I think all these pics explain exactly how dear Kristin feels about Christmas! See that innocent face up there? SO NOT TRUE! Well here's the story, again...I made another Christmas background, all happy and nice. Then I come back from AZ and this is what has become of my poor Christmas tree...sniff, sniff...I'm wiping my tears right now :( jk. But, I'm on a mission to get her in the Christmas spirit! It doesn't have to be all out like Lain, and I! But just a little!!!!!! If anyone wants to help go for it!

Parent's Dinner

I'm so late on this post! These are pics of the Parents Dinner we had on the 11th. Yeah, I know...I'm about 3 weeks late! LOL Oh well, here it is now! Well the dinner was absolutley fantastic! Mostly all the teens and leaders were dressed up in some of their very best! So many parents and teens came out! The whole youth sanctuary was packed! The youth choir did some great songs! The band Da Brotherhood did a few songs, both did a tremendous job! Very powerful! Nate Jones gave his testimony. Then we ate, ate, ate! All the leaders did a great job on making the food! Thank you! I know this is short, but the dinner really was fun! It was so long ago that I can't remember details! This is what happens children when your being a slacker! Don't be a slacker! LOL Well hope you like the pics :)